Our Services

Our certified Interpreters and translators can assist you in any situation where there is a language gap. We provide medical professionals with interpreters for patients, legal interpreters for depositons and translators for business meetings and conferences.

In Person

  • Our 326 certified interpreters can help you with 26 different languages
  • Professional, website like this confidential interpretation and translation services across the state of California
  • Available anytime. Just call 866.315.1022

We provide interpreters for in-person and telephone interpretation services.  We work for medical professionals who need to speak to patients, legal interpreters for depositions and assistance for business meetings and conferences where the client speaks another language.


Get the very best translation services in California for all your legal and business documents.

  • Accurate translation by fluent professionals
  • Document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Marketing and website content for international companies

We have experience with a wide range of business documents: Letters, contracts, proposals, marketing collateral, web pages and reports.

Conferences & Events

If you have an international conference scheduled with non–English speaking attendees, make sure they get the most from the event. We provide:

  • Professional simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • All attendees get a full understanding of the content

Interpretation for conferences and events is a particular skill. Statewide Interpretes has a team of talented professionals with experience in this field.